No matter what happens, never lose a kind and joyful heart 🧡 – Clara Maya

    1st Jun 2020 by

    Saw this Medtech Licensure Exam schedule guide I made last 2018. I realized, I reviewed for 50 days or less. This is exactly the timeline because a month after I graduated last May 31, 2017, I worked right away and resigned on January 24th the following year. So, that’s the time I started my review… Read more

  • Food for Thought No. 3

    1st Jun 2020 by

    Remember, someone will always see the beauty of your soul. You do not need to force yourself to be somebody else based on other people’s standard. Let them know the truest you while you continue to bloom in their genuine love. ❤️ Love,

  • Food for Thought No. 2

    23rd May 2020 by

    May you start your day with positivity and follow the path God wants you to be. Your journey towards your dreams may seem too long and rocky, but keep your focus and do not let unfaithfulness consume your spirit. Keep looking forward because the beautiful road you had been waiting has become  nearer each day… Read more

  • Food for Thought No. 1

    23rd May 2020 by

    We all feel tired and exhausted in life because each day seems like a daily routine. Sometimes, we lose control of our senses and start to break down. But even though in your toughest times, give your heart in all that you do  and everything good will eventually follow ❤️ Love,

  • Dear Medical Technology ✍️

    10th May 2020 by

    Dear Medical Techonology, You make me love you even more since the time I entered this profession. You taught me the ability to see the beauty of our body chemistry and made me realize how amazing God created thee. It feels so honored and great to see God’s creation which is beyond our naked eyes.… Read more


    10th May 2020 by

    If Marvel stories have superheroes to tell,I want to write my own kind of wonder woman as well.It shows that not all heroes wear capes night and dayBecause our mothers can love us in all their ways. “Let emotions from the heart flows through your hands ✍️” ©️ All rights reserved || Thought Catcher 💭… Read more

  • Season of Waiting ✨

    7th May 2020 by

    Season of Waiting ✨ We all anticipate for our dreams to be realizedMaking us forget the heart we have insideWe hustle on things and speeds up our fateBut do we ask ourselves if we’re worth the wait? Can we all love ourselves a little more?For in our season of waiting, there is so much to… Read more

  • Please Have Mercy on Your Immunity

    7th May 2020 by

    Social media is becoming more unhealthy these days. Why not use most of our time this ECQ in opening our hearts to God, reading our favorite novels especially the classic stories that teaches humanity and humility to us, learning how to cook and other things we missed doing because we are so busy earning money… Read more

  • Love Will Come, My Dear

    13th Feb 2020 by

    Hello, my dearest old friendStay happy until your heart finally mendsYou don’t have to hurry and seekFor love is not as easy to pick Learn to wait and be merryBecause love is always a journeyYou don’t have to search but stay calmFor love is yet to come “Let emotions from the heart flows through your… Read more

  • Happy Medtech Week 🔬🧫💉

    6th Nov 2019 by

    Medical Technologists or Clinical Laboratory Scientists are one of the medical professionals that work hard to give better healthcare sevices to patients. Yes, not all people can see and understand our work because most of the time we are staying inside the laboratory processing batch of samples. We are the one performing analysis of different… Read more

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